The Setup and Operation of a CNC Machine

Computer Numerical Control machines are widely known to be highly sophisticated machines that can only be operated by trained and skilled CNC operators. One needs to keep in mind some rules and guidelines prior to using a CNC machine setup on his or her own. Basic CNC checklist prior to start up: Prior to starting up a CNC machine setup, one needs to take certain safety rules into consideration. The most important aspect prior to starting up a CNC machine is to make sure your personal safety.

Hence, you require wearing protective gear such as short sleeved shirts and eye glasses when operating a CNC machine. You really need to be careful to handle various tools as well as sharp edged tools to avoid any possible accidents. Make sure that all the necessary cutting tools are properly fastened in the spindle of the machine to avoid movement while into the cutting operation. The startup, operation and machine set up of the CNC: The CNC machine setup procedure may vary and this depends on the machine type that’s used.

However, there is a circuit breaker or a main power switch that works towards turning it on. Certain machines may also require the presence of air pressure or hydraulics prior to kick starting the machine. When the CNC machine setup starts its’ operation, it starts at its’ machine home position that lets the control as well as the machine to possess its’ preset starting position for all its’ axes. Once the CNC machine starts up, it is time to send the machine to this position prior to the beginning of the operation.

This position can be easily changed to a specified location whenever you want to operate a specific section of a product. The TLO or the Tool Length Offset value of a CNC machine setup can be referred to as the actual distance that’s covered from the tip of the tool to the spindle that exists in the Home position. It is important to set the TLP for each tool when setting up a CNC. The TLO can be easily set via using a fixture location, the reference tool or a height gage.

As soon as these values are specifies, these will be stored inside the controller that requires to be used during the operation of the program. Once the process of CNC machine setup is accomplished, it is time to load the program into the machine. Remember that the process of program loading is different for each machine. Certain machines consist of tape readers to feed the program into the memory of CNC machine. Latest machines consist of internal or external floppy devices in order to feed the program into the machine.

Once the program is loaded to the machine, the machine is now ready to use. There are many situations where you require to change the tools inside the machine during the CNC machine setup. Once a certain machine operation process. Once a particular machining process is accomplished, the program would move the aces to the tool change position as well as the next tool is required. Now, the machine operator requires to remove and replace it with another tool.

Special care needs to be taken whenever you start various operations with the CNC machine. Any error committed during the CNC machine setup may result in serious injuries to the machine operator.


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