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You may not be aware of the word CNC, its operation or the way it makes huge manufacturing process much easier. However, CNC is known to be as one of the most prominent factors of almost all processes involved in production.

Some of the most common tasks accomplished by CNC machines include the following:

a) Drilling holes

b) Tool changing

c) Cooling of factory machines

d) Lubrication of factory machines Let us initiate with a small introduction part.

CNC is an acronym for Computer Numerical Control. This process has been existing for a long time now. This was first known in the early 1970's. CNC was known as NC in the past. With the introduction of computers, NC was christened as CNC. This helped in almost all the stages of production. These machines are known to either substitute certain existing process of manufacturing or combining certain processes.

A CNC program can be referred to as a set of instructions. The program is written similar to a sentence. The operation order of this machine is chronological. CNC machine execute all these instructions step-by-step. There is a special series of codes or words used to instruct the machine what to do. The codes usually start with letter addresses such as S for spindle speed.

In order to create a 'command' in the form of a sentence, some codes are coherently arranged together. About 40-50 codes or words are required by a common CNC machine in order to program varied commands. These are not very difficult to learn. CNC may sound very independent. However, there are certain words that you need to understand fully in order to understand the operations.

The CAM:

CAM is an acronym for Computer Aided Manufacturing. This process works towards simplifying various new programming processes. It is also added to the CNC program regularly. If you have the simplest of machines around, you can program easy applications. These can be made easy by using calculator, pen and paper. However, composing complex programs may become quite trick and time-consuming.

The CAM is referred to as a program that runs on a PC. It assists a CNC programmer in the process of programming. This can also be used with Computer Aided Design or CAD drawing. When using CAM, there isn't any requirement to redefine the configuration of the work piece. All a CNC programmer requires to do is to specify the execution of certain machine operations.

This will make the CAM system compose the CNC program in an automatic manner kudos to CAM. The tediousness of programming process will not bother a programmer over again.

The DNC system:

DNC is an acronym for Distributive Numerical Control. It is a PC connected with one or more than one CNC machines. This creates a type of network. A manually composed program that's already to be loaded to CNC control is actually being typed into the control. Now, this sounds like utilizing the CNC machine as a luxurious keyboard.

In case, a CNC program has been retrieved by CAM, it comes in a text form and is ready to be loaded to the CNC control. The DNC system just works towards distributing the CNC program to many CNC machines together. The latest controls available are very advanced and have efficient capabilities of networking. Hence, these can be easily networked with the Ethernet.

In case, you are reading about CNC for the first time, all this may sound very powerful. This is the time to learn about CNC, CAM and DNC.


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